Clicks Gone Wild offers two exciting options to learn how to get the most out of your digital camera. We have our popular
Clicks in Your Home Program or One-on-One instruction of our beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses which are taught throughout Arnprior, Renfrew and the surrounding area. More information about us and our courses can be found in the links above. Send us an e-mail at clicksgonewild (at) gmail (dot) com to book your course with Clicks.

Our Story

Rhonda McMaster & Gemma Robillard

We're friends with many things in common ... We are both married to awesome Valley boys and have three children each.  We live not too far from each other in McNab/Braeside Township, both enjoy cooking from scratch and love a good cup of tea in the afternoon... The list goes on and on.  Above all we are connected through our passion for photography and beautifully documenting the everyday moments with our families.

Clicks Gone Wild was launched with one begginer-level photography course in 2011 in response to an overwhelming demand for in-person photography instruction in a relaxed and fun environment. In that first year, we helped more than 200 people on their photography journey and grew from one basic course to two introductory-level courses and an advanced-level session for people who wanted to take full control using Manual Mode.

Our presentations have also morphed since that initial class to allow more hands-on time in class to adjust camera settings and solidify the learning process.  In 2012 we added a fourth course to allow camera owners at all levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced - learn how to Click with confidence! Since that time, we have taught hundreds more people how to use the cameras they own to get better everyday photos, whether of their children or grandchildren, their pets, wildlife and property, as well as vacations and the nuances of their daily lives.

So whether you’re a life-long shutterbug, a new camera owner or simply have an interest in overcoming the frustrations of buttons and menus on your camera, we are happy to share our knowledge and passion with you so you can better capture the photos you envision.

More about the Clicks Chicks:

Gemma Robillard is a visual storyteller with a background in journalism, who enjoys documenting the beauty in ordinary life with her family.  She has spent more than a decade as a freelance writer/photographer and her photography has been commissioned for a number of commercial projects.  While her heart belongs to her trusty dSLR, she is constantly amazed at the capabilities of affordable compact digital cameras once they are switched out of Auto Mode - either way, she is never seen without one or the other! She never tires of sharing her knowledge of the more technical side of photography with others.  Gemma also runs her own photography business, Gem Photography, where she offers a relaxed approach to her photojournalistic-style of photography to families and couples.

Rhonda McMaster is an educator and artist, with a background in public education and drama, who lives in the Arnprior area.  She is a professional photographer and was featured on the Arnprior and Beyond Arts Discovery Tour, 2014. Her passions are for creating bright, colourful, light-infused pictures that show beauty, happiness and relationships, and for teaching others how to successfully document their lives through photography.  In addition to teaching Clicks Gone Wild courses, Rhonda owns a photography business called Rhonda McMaster Photography, specializing in portraits and lifestyle images and using her images to create stunning artwork for her clients' homes. She loves that she has the opportunity to combine her teaching skills with her love of photography in this amazing and super-social job with Clicks Gone Wild. She also writes and delivers drama workshops for children through Plays On The Porch.  

Contact us at clicksgonewild@gmail.com