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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

When you talk, we listen!

With a full year of teaching photography classes to our fabulous new Clicks friends under our belt, we have been brainstorming and have come up with some exciting changes and additions to our Clicks Course line-up.

At the end of each class we always encourage our participants to provide us a bit of feedback and we welcome all suggestions.  The most common message from our wonderful students is that they are so excited by the wealth of information that we give them, but they would also love more hands-on practice; time to dig into their menus and find how to turn off and on certain settings as we suggest them and then having a few moments to play with their camera after each adjustment.  So behind the scenes we've been working hard to make sure every course is still jam-packed with information and providing a bit of time to try out things as we go along.  The final result was adding an entire new class to our beginner/intermediate series of courses.  All of these courses flow logically from one topic to the next, building a solid foundation for all of our students to walk away and click confidently in their day-to-day photo-taking activities. We've also made sure to keep each session around the two-hour mark, and to teach some extra concepts in the intermediate course.  These are all suitable for anyone with a little point and shoot camera or a dSLR.  We love these improvements and we know you will too!  The more we teach, the better these courses become!  :)

You'll get the same enthusiastic vibe in each class, plenty of photographic illustrations throughout our presentation, Rhonda's awesome teaching style and Gemma's expertise with the cameras.  Plus, you'll have time to play with your camera so you can get excited about all of the concepts as you learn them!  So here it is, the all-new Clicks Gone Wild course options:

Focus on the Features
The changes to our former Mastering the Basics, Part 1 course will certainly benefit even the most novice of camera owners.  We've added a few more starter tips on basic camera operation.  We provide ample photo illustrations of the preset modes and will give a strong case for utilizing the hidden powers of your camera and harnessing available light.  This beginner class, now called Focus on the Features, is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the buttons and do-dads on their camera and is stuck on Auto Mode (the green box).  A full list of topics covered can be found under Course Options.

Focus on the Frame
Much of the creative aspects of our former Mastering the Basics, Part 1 is in this new class, with a few of the elements from the former Mastering the Basics, Part 2.  This is where we show our students how to improve the composition of their images.  We'll talk about the artistry of photography and some additional tricks on your camera that will truly give you flexibility when shooting.  We've included more in-depth natural lighting techniques and share how we get those sought-after blurry backgrounds.

Step it Up, Shutterbug!
Sounds fun, doesn't it?  We promise, it will be!!  Rhonda and I are thrilled to introduce a new intermediate-level course to our roster.  This is where we take our students to the next level and really delve into some serious photography tricks of the trade.  Most of the topics from the former Part 2 are now included in this course, as well as more advanced tips.  We talk about how to get proper colours and move that dial into your semi-manual settings in Aperture Priority and Shutter Speed Priority Modes.  These modes are available on all dSLR cameras and most point and shoot cameras, but we suggest participants have those options available to benefit from the entire session.

For a complete listing of the topics covered in each of these classes and our more about our advance course, The Magic of Manual Mode, check out the Course Options page link above.

And anyone who has taken the former Mastering the Basics series and would enjoy the opportunity to come back and see the new and improved classes, please send us a note (especially those who took the time to send us their thoughts!!).  We'd love to have you back!

In the meantime, mind the dust as we get the presentations all polished and ready to release in late February!  We promise that new public course dates will be announced soon - we eager to start teaching our first sessions with our new format!


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