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Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Vision! Friends and Fun at Clicks In Your Home!

Back in Fall 2010, when Gemma and I first sat down to hammer out the details of Clicks Gone Wild, the idea of home parties, now called "Clicks In Your Home" was our primary vision.  We asked ourselves, "If we were still shooting in Auto Mode and knew a little about photography - but wanted to learn more - what would be the best way to learn?"  The answers included....with friends, hands-on, in-person, in comfort, with multiple viewpoints, picture examples, with humour, without judgement, with FUN, hanging out, sharing, all while using whatever digital cameras the students currently own.  Clicks In Your Home began in Rhonda's living room with two sold-out courses on a Saturday the following January, and we are pleased that this has been a very popular option ever since!

Last Wednesday, we were thrilled to teach a fantastic group of ladies in Burnstown and enjoy lunch with them as well!  Thank you so much for hosting and for allowing us to share this beautiful image!  Friends, learning, and fun - this was and is our vision.  And when the course is over, you have your friends to support you as you continue to learn and grow on your very own photographic journey!

If you haven't met the Click Chicks yet - a big hello to you!  We're standing in the back row on each end.  :)  (Gemma on the left, Rhonda on the right)

You can read all about Clicks In Your Home here:  http://clicksgonewild.blogspot.ca/p/be-clicks-host.html

Anyone interested in learning more about their camera and better photography skills can also take any of our four Clicks courses at public courses or through one-on-one tutoring sessions.  We have got you covered!

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