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Friday, March 04, 2011

Welcome To Clicks Gone Wild!!

Hello there!!

Welcome to Clicks Gone Wild blog...a place to find out more about our courses and upcoming schedule!  We're a pair of Ottawa Valley photographers who know how to click with confidence and are here to help camera owners unleash the power of their digital cameras.

Rhonda McMaster & Gemma Robillard

Gemma Robillard of Gem Photography and Rhonda McMaster of Rhonda McMaster Photography are teaming up to teach the basics of digital photography to fellow Valley residents.  We are both passionate photog moms with our own businesses offering professional custom photography services.

After hearing many of our friends and acquaintances express frustrations with getting decent pictures from their digital cameras, we realized we could develop courses to help teach people key tips and tricks to take their every day photos from just a snapshot to something special.  That’s when the two of us, both stay-at-home-moms, decided to merge our talents and enthusiasm, and Clicks Gone Wild was born.

Our beginner course, Mastering the Basics, Part 1:  Camera Features and Composition starts off with topics all camera owners should know – learning all of the various settings, and the appropriate circumstances to use each one, along with composition.  It is perfect for anyone who is stuck on Auto Mode with either a point and shoot camera or a digital SLR. 

Mastering the Basics, Part 2:  Get Organized, Proper Colours and Print covers white balance, file organization, printing options and creative posing ideas.  Click here to learn what each class has to offer.

Be sure to check our "Class Schedule" link for the most updated listing of ongoing courses and locations. 

"Today was great!!  Love the energy you both have for this!  Can't wait for the next one...keep us posted!!" -S

"You are my heroes in photography...Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us."  -J

"Thanks for all the wonderful info today!!  Looking forward to hearing what is next and having some more time to explore and learn!"  -S

"Thanks so much, learned alot!!  Can't wait for the next one!!"  -S

"That was a lovely class.  Thank you both so much.  Just knowing that there is a better way to take pictures helps."  -T

"I had such a great time - thanks so much Gemma and Rhonda.  Can't wait for the next class."  -J

"Great course!"  -S

"Thanks for yesterday.  I am so excited to get snapping!"  -J

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  1. You guys are outstanding!! We were practicing after you left and wow better picts already!