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Clicks in Your Home Program or One-on-One instruction of our beginner, intermediate and advanced level courses which are taught throughout Arnprior, Renfrew and the surrounding area. More information about us and our courses can be found in the links above. Send us an e-mail at clicksgonewild (at) gmail (dot) com to book your course with Clicks.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

When, Where, and How Much?

We offer a lot of options for learning and people often ask us, "What is the best way to take a course?" and "How much do your courses cost?"  Information about pricing is always available on our blog, but we thought it would be helpful to give you a breakdown of costs in a post.  :)  Choose which option best suits your learning style, budget, and schedule.

There are four different ways to learn about photography with Clicks Gone Wild:

1.  Take a public course.  

We offer all four of our courses to the public throughout the year.  The majority of these courses take place in Arnprior, but occasionally we offer them in other places.  Anyone can register for a public course and join other people at a similar level of photography.  Each beginner course is $50.  The intermediate course is $75.  The price for the intermediate course reflects the more in-depth level of information being taught.  Also, as the difficulty level of our courses increase, class sizes are smaller.  We need a minimum number of participants in all courses to cover our time and rental of space.  The cost of The Magic of Manual Mode is $215.  It is our most advanced offering, four hours in length, and includes a booklet of comprehensive notes.

2.  Host a Clicks In Your Home Party.

You can choose to have Gemma and Rhonda come to you and your friends and teach any of the courses.  These courses are the exact same as the public offerings, except they are taught at a place and time that is most convenient to you.  Every host or hostess receives a $20 gift certificate to be used at a future course or to give away to a friend.  More details about Clicks In Your Home are available here: http://clicksgonewild.blogspot.ca/p/be-clicks-host.html  We make hosting easy for you by customizing an e-mail for you to send out to all your friends and providing the education and entertainment at your gathering.  This is so much fun!  Also, if you do not have the minimum number of participants, you and your friends can decide to split the minimum cost for a Clicks In Your Home party.

3.  Take a course one-on-one.

Both Rhonda and Gemma are available to teach any course to you one-on-one in a private session.  There is an increased cost for this option.  For example, a beginner course which is $50 in a public group, is $75 in a private session.  We are available at your convenience, with a focus on weekday days or evenings, and the occasional weekend date.  Contact us and we will find a time that works for you.

4.  Book us for private tutoring.

If there is a specific area of photography that you would like to learn more about, private tutoring may be for you.  This is different from taking a course with set topics.  For private tutoring, one of us will contact you to discuss exactly where you are at in your photographic journey and what topics you would like to focus on in your session.  The hourly rate of $50/hr. includes this phone or e-mail consultation.

Please see the below chart for all costs associated with our courses and if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Our final public courses before Summer are being offered in Arnprior on June 11, 13, and 25.  After that, public courses will resume in Fall.  We are still available for private tutoring and Clicks In Your Home over the Summer months.  :)

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