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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Capturing Those Tiny Toes

A few months ago, before the birth of her first little one, Melissa attended Mastering the Basics, Parts 1 and 2 courses back-to-back at the Arnprior Library.  Armed with her Nikon and a good eye, Melissa picked up some photography tips during our few hours together and used her new knowledge to do some additional self-directed learning.  We were so happy when she sent us these beautiful captures of her new addition.  Isn't she precious?!  We have a feeling this will be one well-photographed infant.  :)  Thanks for joining us, Melissa, and especially for letting us share!

Mastering the Basics, Parts 1 and 2 are both full of great instruction for any point-and-shoot or dSLR owner.  Even if you have never taken your camera off the green box (auto mode), Gemma and I will help you make sense of your camera.  You will learn how to take full advantage of your camera's features (take control!) and to get better everyday photos!

There is a Mastering the Basics: Part 1 tonight (Tuesday, Dec. 6) in Braeside, with a few spaces still available.  Email us at clicksgonewild@gmail.com to register.


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